Details About Our Process

Everything you need to know about our process.


Your journey toward owning a beautiful kitchen begins with a phone call to us.

You may call Mr. Prabhu on 9148150778. Prabhu speaks Kannada and Hindi. You may also call Mr. Joseph on 9148150779, who speaks Tamil. You can fix an appointment with them to visit your site and they will be there to get a better understanding of your requirements and to take measurements of your kitchen.

After the measurements are taken, you will receive by email a written quotation.


Many people ask us for a “square feet” price. When the local carpenter quotes a square-feet-price, he is playing a game with you. Since he has fixed his price per square feet, he thinks of ways to maximize his profits by giving you the cheapest quality materials.

We at Stromboli begin with you in mind, by thinking of the excellent quality and design that we can include in your kitchen. Every kitchen is unique. No two Stromboli kitchens are designed the same. We do it as our customer wants it. We do not compromise on the quality or the design of your Stromboli kitchen.

After the measurement, our quotation will be emailed to you within a couple of days. You are requested to review the quotation, the design sketches and the included accessories. If you require us to alter the design, we would be pleased to do it as per your suggestions. If you change your mind about the design, that is fine: we would be happy to revise it as many times as you wish, until you are satisfied.

All our initial site-visits, drawings, design and quotation revisions are done free of cost to you; however, you are under no obligation to confirm to order. We sincerely hope that you will consider having a Stromboli kitchen in your house. It will be one of the best decisions you have made.

After you send us your approval, we will begin fabrication at our factory in Bangalore.


Fabrication begins as soon as receive your email confirmation and the down payment. We use the best materials available in every Stromboli product. The materials are all strong and durable.

They come in beautiful colors and even in wood-color, which gives it the look of natural wood. Many of our customers have opted for white or off-white color, which makes your kitchen stunningly beautiful. Soft-closing hinges and sliding channels is a pleasure to handle. All the inside trays are made of superior quality stainless steel.

There can be D-trays for the corners, Thali-trays, Plain-trays, and Cutlery-trays, all as per your requirement. Glass shelves and glass doors with beautiful etching are provided where required. Granite slab of the color of your choice could be provided, if required. No part of a Stromboli kitchen is affected by moisture or by water.

In a couple of weeks, your kitchen will be ready for installation.


Once your kitchen is ready in our factory, the installation team will contact you to fix an appointment for the installation. Goods will be transported to you in our trucks after packaging them in suitable damage-resistant bubble-wraps. On the appointed day and time, the installation team will begin the installation work.

They will do all the work needed to ensure that the kitchen is installed properly, all the drawers and cabin-doors are working smoothly, and that you are fully satisfied with the final product.